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Gulf of

Gulf of

526 Photos and 
39 Panoramas from
PAESTUM  and the great Tourist Destinations near Naples
such as Pompeii, Capri, Vesuvius and the Cilento
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Maratea Gulf of salerno Agropoli
Cilento Coast Amalfi Sorrento
Caserta Naples Capri
Cilento Mountains Cilento Cilento Mountains

Paestum - a journey to antiquity
Greek temples, Pompeii and Ercolano

The three Doric temples of Paestum are said to be the best preserved Greek temples in the world and the walls around Paestum are the most complete of that period.
Excavated Pompeii is a very well preserved complete Roman City. It is a lifelike impression of classical antiquity. A visit to Pompeii is a must on the agenda of every tourist in Campania.
Ercolano is smaller but also well preserved. Don't forget to also visit Vesuvius. Have a panoramic view on the entire Gulf of Naples.

Paestum - a Mediterranean tourist resort
with miles of sandy beaches

Visit the Gulf of Salerno with about 40 kilometers of sandy beaches and Cilento Coast with the beaches of the beautiful seaside resorts Marina di Ascea, Marina di Camerota, Palinuro with its long sandy beaches around.

Paestum - between the beautiful landscape of
Cilento National Park and famous tourist destinations:
Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Capri and Vesuvius

All the frequented tourist destinations as Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento, Capri and even Naples are at least good for a day trip.
But you may also choose less frequented places of a magnificent landscape. The beautiful mountain ranges of the Cilento, which is a Unesco biosphere reserve, with its genuine villages. Have a look at the gorges and the valleys of the Calore and the Mingardo River.
Enjoy some different tourist activities as trekking, cycling with mountain bikes, horse riding and more.

Last changes
August 2002 - Gulf of Naples: Panorama / Gulf of Salerno: Panorama / Naples: new photos and 1 panorama / Paestum: new photos, 1 panorama / Pompeii: photos and 2 panoramas
October 2002 - Amalfi: Photos and 5 panoramas (Amalfi,Positano,Amalfi Coast) / Gulf of Naples: Panoramas (Mount Faito, Vesuvius) / Gulf of Salerno: Photos and 1 panorama / Sorrento: Photos and 2 panoramas

January 2003 - Cilento: Photos and 2 Panoramen (Sapri, Gulf of Policastro) / All: Photos and links to many Hotels for online reservation (Venere)
April 2003 - Cilento: Coastal walk at Punta Licosa / Paestum: Capodifiume, Hera Argiva / Pompeii: New photos and amendment Herculaneum with 3 panoramas and photos
August 2003 - Paestum: Photos and text Town wall and the Archeological Museum / Cilento: New photos (Grotte di Castelcivita) and 1 panorama (Alburni mountains) / Gulf of Naples photos and 3 panoramas (seen from Vesuvius)
April 2004 (de) - Cilento: Gole Calore mit einem Panorama, Punta Capinina mit einem Panorama, Tresino (bei Agropoli)
October 2003 - Ischia: Photos and 4 panoramas / Gulf of Naples: Aerial photos / Naples: Evening panorama Vesuvius and Capri seen from Mergellina / Salerno: Photos and 1 panorama (seen from Castello Arechi) / New page "Mediterranian plants" / Evening photos of Amalfi, Sorrento, Naples

January 2004 - Naples: Aerial photos / Gulf of Naples: Panorama Naples seen from Vesuvius, panorama Solfatara
October 2004 - Gulf of Naples: 1 aerial photo / Naples: 3 aerial photos / Sorrento: 4 aerial photos

January 2005 - Cilento: 5 new photos (Alento) und 1 panorama (Alento) / Amalfi: 2 photos ( Li Galli ) and 1 panorama (both gulfes) / Sorrento: 1 panorama
March 2005 - Amalfi: 9 new photos (Ravello) / Capri: 22 new photos / Cilento: 14 new photos (Palinuro, San Severino) / Naples: 4 new photos
October 2005 - Naples: 6 aerial photos + 1 photo + new Text / Amalfi: 2 photos (Pogerola) / Ischia: 1 aerial photo (Procida) / Cilento: 2 photos ( San Marco ) / pflants: 2 new photos

April 2006 - Ischia: Aerial photo / Gulf of Naples: 3 aerial photos / Naples: 15 photos
July 2006 - Naples: 3 photos (MANN) + 3 photos (Mergellina, Virgil) / Pompeii: 8 photos (MANN, Mosaic pictures and frescos) / plants: 4 photos

April 2007 - Gulf of Naples: Aerial photo (Vesuvius)

Juli 2008 - Capri : 7 photos ( Blue Grotto , Villa San Michele ) + 1 Panorama (Cilento)

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