Gulf of Salerno

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From Salerno you may drive along the coastal road of the Gulf called Litoranea leading to Agropoli. You go past innumerable Lidos and camping sites. Beach tenants provide for a clean   beach , (2) , (3), (4), (5), (6) and offer parking lots, a bar, dressing cabins, showers, beach chairs and parasols. At some beaches you may even bring along your own parasol and beach chair. During high season when you may have difficulties at the Riviera or at the Adriatic coast to find a beach chair or only some space for a blanket at the beach then you should simply come here.

Since the 12th century the region of the Sele mouth is known as the home of the  "Mozzarella di bufala"(2). Mozzarella is some special kind of soft cheese. Typical for this cheese speciality is its pulling threads and that it has to be kept in a brine. Mozzarella di bufala concerns the somewhat more expensive variant, which is made of buffalo cow's milk. At the first time you may not be enthusiastic about its taste. But sooner or later you will get to appreciate the different taste of this variant. Even if it is not on the menu, you may ask for an "Insalata Caprese" (Mozzarella and tomato slices with basil).
The buffalos have come here in the wake of the Saracens, who at the end of the 9th century had found a base in Agropoli for a period of approximately two hundred years. The water buffalos finally maintained ground in this region because of their better immunity from malaria .
From the south of the Gulf of Salerno (here from a hill at Agropoli) you can see the famous sunset at Capri as well as from the Golf of Naples. You only have a clear panoramic view, (2), (3) of the entire gulf with Capri and Amalfi Coast by occasion, when there is no fair weather vapor present.

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